Table Salt, Sea Salt And Himalayan Pink Salt – What Is The Difference?

sea saltThere is quite a bit of talk in the health world about the different types of salt and whether or not they are beneficial for people. The three main types of salt are regular table salt, sea salt and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Table Salt – This is the most common type of salt found in most grocery stores and restaurants. Most people end up getting too much of this type of salt through processed foods in their diets. This salt is harvested from either underground mines or from sea water. This salt differs from sea salt because it is heavily processed at which time other ingredients are added to it. Part of the processing includes adding anti-clumping agents to the salt which contain high amounts of aluminum. Sugars are added as stabilizers and they also cut the bitter taste of the aluminum.

To help prevent iodine deficiency table salt has added iodine. About 2 billion people worldwide are not getting enough iodine which can lead to mental deficiency. A more natural way of getting iodine is by eating fruits and vegetables grown in iodine rich soil. Including sea vegetables into your diet also provides high amounts of iodine.

Sea Salt – This salt is produced naturally by evaporating away ocean water in man made pools near the shoreline. When the sun and wind have finished evaporating away the sea water the sea salt remains behind for collection. This salt contains over 80 trace minerals. Since this natural salt has no anti-clumping agents it will tend to form clusters in your salt shaker. If this happens to you a mortar and pestle can be used to break down the clusters into fine grains again. It is worth noting that there is a small amount of naturally occurring iodine in sea salt.

Himalayan Pink SaltHimalayan Pink Salt – This salt is mined from ancient sea salt deposits in Pakistan and is rich in minerals and trace elements. The salt ranges in colour from white to varying shades of pink to red. Himalayan Pink Salt is believed to be the purest salt available.

To stay healthy we only need a small amount of salt in our diet. Sea salt and Himalayan Pink Salt are clearly superior to table salt because they have no additives and they have naturally occurring minerals.

Use your healthy salts sparingly and they can be a great way to bring out the flavours in your favourite recipes.

Let me know in the comments what type of salt is your favourite.

To your health!

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